It’s impossible not to get chills when you hear Macy Gray. Macy Gray is an creative Icon- from her music, to her fashion just being carefree and being herself.  Ariana Grande released her 3rd studio album Dangerous Woman despite people’s accusations of her ripping off the legend; Mariah Carey- she has a great voice. Grande is super cute and a little badass, so I decided to give her a shot. I was listening to the album while I was doing work and I hear a raspy “Dangerous Love, You no good for  me darling” & I instantly stopped what I was doing to check the credits. As chills shook  my body. I knew it couldn’t be anyone else but Macy Gray. I owe my extensive music taste to my Mother & Grandmother.  My grandmother was a singer when she was younger and my mother is a music and movie connoisseur. With my grandmother’s love for Anita Baker, Ella Fitzgerald and the Isley Brothers to my Mother’s love for Madonna, Macy Gray,Tupac & the Dixie Chicks- got it all. Music from everywhere.


The first time I heard Macy was in the late 90’s. I was about 6 years old  and my mother and I were in the grocery store. I remember tapping my mother’s hand asking “who is this?”. Once we got home my mom let me borrow her CD played and I listened to “I try” for a week straight. I didn’t listen to anything else but that song. The CD skipped twice during the second verse- for a really long time I thought it she messed up, until I learned more about CD’s.


Here are some of my favorite Macy Gray masterpieces.





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