Independence Chicago is the combination of both vintage American and Japanese workwear. Founded back in 2012, Independence has provided consumers with more than just garments but with articles of clothing that have a story to tell. Independence houses an array of brands from Levi all the way to Norse Projects. One of their popular brands is their in-house brand called Oak Street Bookmakers. Handcrafted here in Chicago and made to perfection with genuine leather and durable rubber soles, Oak Street Bookmakers is a refined and well respected brand that many denim attics, hipsters, and heritage lovers deeply appreciate.

Inspired by blue-collar and Japanese workwear Independence has been able to create their own subculture and niche within the retail market. By creating a product that’s both durable and crafted domestically they’ve taken a different approach to the way materials are sourced and distributed to consumers. Cutting out the middle man and outside contractors they’ve been able to gain popularity in the retail industry and in Chicago. Building customer loyalty is hard to come by these days when you have certain fast-fashion retailers diminishing the quality of certain products. Independence encourages their customers to look beyond the norm by investing in quality pieces that are long lasting.
For those  who appreciate quality apparel feel free to stop by Independence which is located on Oak Street. Remember when buying clothing  it’s quality vs. quantity.
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Independence Chicago
 47 East Oak Street
Floor 2
Chicago, IL, 60611
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