Where’s the Joe, Man?

If you’re like me, you probably can’t go a day without at least a cup of coffee. You might even have a cup with your breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is totally fine to admit that you eat, sleep and breathe coffee!


This is a judgment free zone and that is why coffee lovers around the nation are able to unite and celebrate the joy and serine that comes from drinking the brown or black liquid in our favorite mug.


So, here are Off-Kilter’s top 10 coffee shops from coast to coast; so wherever you are you can get a great cup of Joe.


unnamed (2)photo cred: @nododonuts

Location: Iowa City, Iowa (600 N Dodge St.)

unnamed (3)photo cred: @nododonuts

Coffee shop goers can relish in a variety of salads and wraps with their daily brew. The shop also features a Skylight room for events or business engagements.



unnamed (4)

photo cred: @copa_vida

Copa Vida

Location: Pasadena, California (70 S Raymond Ave.)

unnamed (5)photo cred: @copa_vida

The bright and open coffee shop has plenty of seating. The goal of the café is to be “approachable and welcoming, authentic and transparent, and an engaged member of the local and global community.” Copa Vida hosts cupping events as well as classes on latte art, coffee brewing and tea education courses.



unnamed (6)

photo cred: @janethorsman

West Side Perk
Location: Bloomington, Minnesota (7700 W Old Shakopee Road)

This quaint shop is located just outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Guest can enjoy homemade soups, pastries and salads along with their coffee. West Side Perk is the perfect place to relax and socialize, all while enjoying a tasty cup of coffee.




unnamed (8)

photo cred: @rendercoffee

Render Coffee

Location: Boston, Massachusetts (563 Columbus Ave.)

unnamed (7)

photo cred:@rendercoffee

Ranked one of the best coffee shops by “The Best of Boston,” Render Coffee shop offers more than just a warm brew. Render Coffee specializes in pour over teas and traditional espresso.



unnamed (9)

photo cred: @ipsentocoffee


Location: Chicago, Illinois (2035 N. Western Ave.)

Ipsento, a combination of two Latin roots: ipse = “self”, sentio = “to discover,” this coffee shop specializes in roasting and sourcing seasonal “stand-out coffee.” Located in the Bucktown neighborhood Ipsento provides a warm atmosphere and even offers coffee classes for interested customers.



unnamed (10)

photo cred: @gravelcityroasters

Java Cat
Location: Madison, Wisconsin (3918 Monona Dr.)


Java Cat of Madison, Wisconsin features classic brews, food and gelato. Guest have the option to work, socialize and listen to live music. Java Cat doubles as an gallery so while you drink your coffee you can enjoy their art-filled walls.



unnamed (11)

photo cred: @thecoffeeshoput

The Coffee Shop
Location: Riverton, Utah (12571 Pasture Road)

The best part about The Coffee Shop, besides the coffee of course, is the open mic nights every Friday. The Coffee Shop is open late and features signature coffees, food and fresh juices. Their motto, “Love all…Serve all.”



unnamed (13)

photo cred: @chippedcupny

The Chipped Cup

Location: New York City (3610 Broadway, New York, NY)

unnamed (12)

photo cred: @chippedcupny

The Harlem coffee shop is cozy with comfortable sofas and an outdoor garden with seating. Guest can enjoy live music while they enjoy their choice of brewed coffee, lattes, Macchiatos, and capuchins.




photo cred: @zocalocoffeehouse

Zocolo Coffee House

Location: Bozeman, Montana (117 E Main St)


photo cred: @zocalocoffeehouse

Zocalo Coffee House gives off a hip vibe and is a welcoming spot for studying or socializing. The coffee house features local art and provides food and customer favorite coffee.



photo cred: carolinacoffeeshop

Carolina Coffee Shop
Location: Chapel Hill, North Carolina (138 East Franklin Street)

photo cred: carolinacoffeeshop 

Carolina Coffee Shop is North Carolina’s oldest restaurant. In addition to brewing great coffee, Carolina Coffee Shop hosts trivia Thursdays; visitors have a chance to win drinks and prizes. Since 1922, the Carolina Coffee Shop has been serving up breakfast, lunch, dinner and delicious coffee.

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