2015 marked the beginning of a global conscious revolution. People have become more aware of what they are putting in their body and on it. Real Soaps is a brand made from consciousness, love, and most important- nature.

Off-Kilter: What were some of your interests growing up?FullSizeRender (4)

Real Soaps: Growing up I was very involved in theater, first as an actor then as a wardrobe supervisor. I did that and waited tables with a few other adventures in between.

OK: Where did your interest in soap originate?

RS: My interest in soap sparked from a Netflix documentary called Chemerical.

OK: Your company focuses heavily on utilizing natural ingredients. Did you feel that there was a lack in the market you could contribute to?

RS: After seeing that movie all about the everyday toxins in all our houses, I got rid of every chemical and started making all natural cleaners. This would have led to a natural cleaning company but cleaning other people’s houses is not too fun, and soap making came naturally from this process.

I focus heavily on using only pure essential oils derived naturally. I definitely think there is a lack of clear communication in the market when it comes to words like ‘natural’ and ‘pure’. For example, something only has to be 51% of what it is labeled to be considered “pure”.

The ingredients I use and the products I make are all 100% natural and handmade. To me, “real” means natural, like from nature.

FullSizeRender (3)OK: How do you think that market is changing now?

RS: I do think the market is changing, but I think food is coming first and people still think Glade PlugIns are totally safe and have essential oils in them, so there is still a lot of work to be done.  

I use a great app called “Healthy Living” that scans products you buy and rates them on safety based on ingredients in them.


OK: How did you decide to expand to other products and how did you decide on those products specifically?

RS: I mostly make what I use [and] need, so that is more or less how I decide to make any new product.

For example, I don’t make a moisturizer because I don’t need a moisturizer. Natural soap is quite moisturizing and the fewer the products, the better for me.

FullSizeRender (1)OK: What has being a small business owner taught you?

RS: Being a small business owner has taught me a lot about myself and my limits and capabilities. Turns out, I’m pretty amazing…
It is a hard thing to have a small business and I have definitely gained a new respect for business owners.

photos courtesy of real soaps instagram


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