“I really want to change lives with my music” says recent Columbia College graduate Rahkii, sitting cross-legged at the edge of the low, deep couch. Her hair is in long, golden brown twists; fashioned into two buns at the very top of her head. The “Black Girl Superhero” wants to empower, inspire, and motivate those that hear her music or witness one of her captivating performances, to believe in themselves wholeheartedly. Her single “Beautiful” exemplifies her artist mission and was used as the anthem for Columbia College’s end of year art festival Manifest. The record is a boisterous testament to the power of self-esteem,. encouraging listeners to stand up for what they believe in and to never change. She believes that we all have superpowers and the power to be beautiful just the way we are, it only takes a certain event, or experience to unlock our power. Rahkii credits her unwavering faith and strong ideals to her religious upbringing. She wants to blend the inspirational and supportive characteristics of religion with her new age sound but still keep it authentic.

It’s clear that Rahkii’s motivation is something greater than money or fame; she has a desire to unite and help people realize their full potential. Rahkii has an EP is in the works that is set to release in a couple months, until then fans will have to look out for more opportunities to see the Chicago artist live.

Check out her single “Beautiful” below.

photo by Imaginat


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Music Editor w/ Off-Kilter Magazine.

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