Hightower Co. has come a long way since its conception just a little over a year ago. Hailing from Connecticut and Wisconsin, respectively, designer Deshaun Hightower and videographer Christian Wilson launched the company shortly after meeting in Chicago.

Initially inspired by Viktor & Rolf, the brand began as a fashion thesis project. Hightower’s design aesthetic evolved throughout college as he found himself compelled to challenge the traditional mindsets of his private school’s teachings.

“I’m sort of mischievous,” he said. “I would get into trouble but it was worth it.”


Hightower admits that it was that exact fearlessness to break the rules that garnered him attention in the first place. Now, Hightower Co. is immediately recognizable by its bold, baroque nature, incorporating staple elements such as exaggerated sleeves, and also by their conceptual fashion films which are always shot and directed by Wilson.

“I don’t think you have to be a [literal] extension of your brand,” Hightower said. “But I think that we embody [ours] in our presentation.”


After graduating, rather than following the norm of many designers to live in New York City, Hightower chose to settle down in Chicago instead. Recognizing Chicago’s fashion market as overly-commercial and less saturated than many big cities, Hightower knew he’d have an original perspective to contribute.

“There’s so many people [in Chicago] that are grinding, and that are different.” Hightower said. “I feel like our generation really embraces subcultures.”



It’s unsurprising then that the typical Hightower Co. consumer is playfully offbeat, quirky, and as unconventional as the clothes they pledge allegiance to.

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Photography: Isis Jenkins

Model: Tynece Allen +

Style: Sal Yvat +

Thank you Hightower Co. for providing wardrobe.

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