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Brand Spotlight: Superlost

by: Kwynn Riley

SuperLost is transforming the way we think about high quality by finding the beauty in recycling. Superlost is luxe clothing for women via intelligent sourcing and design. All of their products are 100% reclaimed silk. Superlost prides themselves on using silks that are pre-consumer factory or distribution warehouse remnants of crepe de chine, with a smattering of charmeuse, chiffons and satins. Founder of Superlost, Loren Hackett says that Superlost all started with her passion of recycling which started when she was a kid.

superlost-samjamphoto-146“Old or discarded things are fascinating to me – furniture, oddities, homewares, textiles, anything. I’m curious about what they could become and somewhat addicted to the search and those moments of gold in uncovering something utterly gorgeous. And then the satisfaction of giving it a new story, a new life.” Hackett says.

The Melbourne native fell in love with the discarded in 2013 while living in Cambodia. Hackett was searching for materials for a furniture upcycling business she had. While searching through mountains of remnants, Hackett uncovered incredible silks. That is when Hackett thought they were “too beautiful to waste.” Transforming the discarded into the dazzling is a mission of the Superlost. Hackett confides that she considers herself a “treasure hunter”. Hackett loves finding the treasure and creating it to make women shine like the diamonds they are.  

“Creating starts with traveling to South East Asia to find factories, warehouses, street markets and shops that trade in second-hand, reclaimed and vintage pre-consumer textiles. Sometimes is easy to find them and sometimes it impossible! But once I do, tit’s then on to assessing every piece of silk for integrity of weave, tone, print, and texture. It’s important for me to build strong and trusting relationships with suppliers and makers and stay open to their creativity, expertise and ideas.” Hackett confirms.

As a clothes designer, Hackett has a certain process to designing her masterpieces.

Hackett describes “The process is about maximizing the use of these rare textiles and superlost-samjamphoto-280I love the orderly, almost mathematical, approach to building the clothes. Working the patterns like puzzles to ensure we waste as little as possible. It’s super satisfying to see the silks come back to life as the garments are constructed. Because Superlost only does limited runs (in many cases, the clothes are one-offs), production always has a sense of movement or action. There’s always new colours and textures filling the studio.”

Superlost does not focus on trends, they pride themselves on minimalism. They only have four designs, all of the clothes have a structural simplicity. Hackett says “Let the silk and the woman wearing it do all the talking.”

In the end, the goal is to make women feel beautiful. To Hackett that is the role of a true designer.

Hackett explains“I believe great design does beautiful things for people and the planet. For me, it’s as simple as that. The end goal of every dress or top is to make the woman feel beautiful. To give her an option to choose sustainable, ethical clothing that doesn’t compromise on quality or style. Down the track, Superlost might extend into other reclaimed textiles. But for now it’s all about the silk. The incredible silk.”

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