By Nina Clevinger

Your vibe attracts your tribe – right? Right. In Madison Kamp’s case, at least, her vibe really did affect her life, and for the better. Kamp’s life changed the day she discovered the magic of our universe’s very own creation – healing crystals.

In 2012, the Chicago-based 22-year old was introduced to crystals through friends at a music festival, Summer Camp. 

“Initially, I was interested in [crystals] because I wanted to use them for jewelry making,” she said. “I never got around to using them for jewelry… I became attached to them and started to learn more about their properties.” image1

Ever since that festival, Kamp has been surrounding herself with all things crystal. She began shopping at a store in Chicago that sells the powerful healing stones, and in turn became incredibly close with the store’s owner. Over time, a juice bar was added to the store and a job was offered to Kamp, who welcomingly received it. She spent two years working at Infiniteus, the job bringing her nothing but increased knowledge of the healing properties of crystals. 

“[Infiniteus] was an amazing experience. I was able to learn a lot about crystals and health and alternative healing remedies, which is something I am now very passionate about,” she said. “I also met my best friends through this store – people who I love and consider family.” 

Kamp adds that without her discovery of crystals, absolutely none of these things would have happened to her. The people she is closest to now, the people who know her as well as she does – well, they might not even be friends today if it weren’t for those special rocks. 

One of her favorite things about crystals is their ability to shift her mood in a positive direction. Kamp uses complex grids to map out her crystals and increase their influences. The belief is that when combined, crystals multiply in power. Crystal-gridding is a common practice amongst healers, as it combines the stones in a way that helps guide their individual vibrations to correspond to each other. A common grid for Kamp is known as the “Flower of Life.” She uses this along with moon patterns to successfully set and receive intentions. 


“I believe that when you ask the universe for something, you receive it. If you want it, you can get it,” said Kamp. “Taking a moment to do that at my altar – and to use crystals to amplify that intention – usually has a powerful result.” 

Crystals are more than just an item for sale at the nearest Urban Outfitters. They’re a true piece of the universe, an actual physical representation of vibrational energy in nature. They bring aesthetic pleasure as well as mental and emotional pleasure, and they can be used to aid pretty much any situation, according to Kamp. She even carries them around with her at her current job as a waitress, using them to help deflect any negative energy from the numerous customers she attends to in a day. 

img_2455Kamp uses a variety of different crystals in her day-to-day life, each of them having their own specific uses and specialties. The Herkimer diamond is for enhanced energy and meditation, garnets are for grounding and increased creativity, black tourmaline is for protection. For aesthetic purposes, Kamp prefers ocean jasper – according to her, it comes in a rainbow of colors and has the most beautiful patterns. 

“You get what you put in with crystals and energy work. A lot of it comes from the belief inside you – you can’t hand someone a rock and say ‘do you feel this?’ because nine out of ten times they’ll say no and think you’re just a weird hippie,” said Kamp. “If it’s something you wish to have for yourself, you can open yourself up to those energies.”


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