All Natural, All The Time

A pinch of this, a swig of that. Add all ingredients into a pot, make sure the stovetop is on low, let simmer. Empty contents into proper container, and freeze. Rinse, repeat. The kitchen doubles as a space for magic to happen – whether it is edible or wearable, all-natural and organic ingredients produce miracles. Arica Morgan is a culinary-whiz turned holistic beauty guru, and her specialty is creating skin, hair and body products out of all-natural, household ingredients. 

Morgan went to school to become a chef. It was during her training that she realized the kitchen was more than just a place to make food – it’s also an area where natural and beneficial beauty products can be produced. 


“I really wanted things for my hair and skin,” said Morgan, reflecting on what got her interested in opening her own holistic beauty company, Salubria. “I began concocting things in the kitchen. My nutrition class doubled as a place for me to discover new ideas for hair and beauty products.” 

Salubria officially came to life in 2014, when Morgan decided to start selling her homemade bath and body product to her friends and family. At first, it was just a hobby. Now, it’s her career. 

After she started creating a plethora of products – ranging from deodorants to hair and bath oils – Morgan’s business started to grow more and more. Now, she has an online shop, and her product is available in certain stores around Chicago. Morgan’s favorite product is the multipurpose hair and body oil. 

Not only does she make everything completely from scratch, Morgan grows as many of her own ingredients as she can. She enjoys the process of watching nature create, and using its creations to make her own. 

“Nature is a part of beauty as well,” said Morgan. “If I can grow a raw ingredient to put in a product, I will.”


Morgan has a passion for cooking whole foods. She loves to incorporate the bright colors of nature into her recipes – both food and product – and she believes holistic and clean living is necessary for a happy and healthy life. Her love of life and of nature shows in her business, and she openly shares her recipes with everyone and anyone. To her, it is more important to spread the knowledge of healthy living than it is to make money. 

“I try to incorporate every aspect of myself into each product,” she said. “I don’t guard my recipes. I’m happy to share.” 

The plan is for Morgan to eventually open her very own stand alone shop, which she is working on every day. She also wants to put her knowledge to great use, and teach classes in both cooking and living naturally. Morgan is a firm believer in natural beauty, and wants to help each and every individual person she encounters to discover how easy it is to embrace their own. 

“The reason I make products is not to make you more beautiful, but to bring out your natural beauty,” said Morgan. “Mass society’s version of beauty is not necessarily your version of beauty, and that is okay.” 


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