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DIY Gifts for the #BrokeandBeautiful

The holiday season is a time for giving….and sometimes we may not have too much to give thanks to (insert favorite clothing store here). For most of us, this Christmas season is built  on a budget. Maybe our presence will be taken as a present this year at the holiday party?

Instead of breaking the bank, consider putting your talents to use and creating your gifts for your friends!

These Do It Yourself (DIY) homemade gifts are all under $10 and take less than a hour of your day. Your friends will love you for being so artistic.

Homemade Lemon Soap

This recipe is Martha Stewart approved and exudes sophistication according to People magazine.This recipe is from the website A Pumpkin and a Princess. It is under $5 and is complete in under an hour. 


1 1/2 cups Goats Milk Soap Base or Shea Butter Soap Base, cubed

4-6 drops Lemon Essential Oil

Step one: Cut soap into cubes and microwave in 30 second intervals (I like to use a large Pyrex measuring cup to melt the soap in). This recipe makes 3 bars of soap and I used about 15 cubes of goat’s milk soap base.

Step two: Melt soap for about a minute. Add another 15-30 seconds if it’s not completely melted.

Step three: Once soap cubes have liquified add a few drops of the lemon essential oil and the lemon zest; stir well.

Step four: Pour into soap molds and allow to harden for at least one hour. Press mold to release soap.


Candy Wreath (courtesy of Crazy Little Projects)


  1. Candy
  2. Wreath Form
  3. Bow ( Decorational if you would like to hang on door)


Step One Hot glue your bow to the top of the wreath

Step Two Then glue a small ribbon to hang your wreath

Step Three  Then, hot glue your candy pieces. If you are using chocolate make sure not to melt the candy! Glue your pieces to your own desire.

Step Four Enjoy your candy wreath!

Snow Globe Mason Jar ( Courtesy of Simple Craves and Oil)

How to assemble your snow globe:


  1. Peel off any stickers on the bottom of the tree. Slightly wet the bottom of your tree & the center of the inside of the lid to the mason jar. (Gorilla  Glue needs water to adhere)
  1. Spread a thin layer of gorilla glue on the bottom of the tree (I used a q-tip) and add a small dot of it to the inside of the lid.
  1. Clamp the tree to the lid and let dry for at least 60 minutes.
  1. Once dry, add water, glitter, and whatever else you please to the jar. Lastly, turn the tree upside down and place inside the jar. **Remember, when you place the tree in the jar it displaces some of the water, so be mindful when adding the water.
  1. Press down on the lid (you may glue it if you’d like, but I didn’t), then screw on the outer part of the lid tightly.
  1. Turn the jar upside down, and you now have a snow globe!

Now, get to making.

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