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Chicago native, Nelissa Carrillo, released her second collection.

Chicago native, Nelissa Carrillo, releases second collection.

Known for her elaborate patchwork and striking sleekness, Carrillo is famous for crafting high-quality, detail-oriented, one-of-a-kind pieces. She seems to effortlessly fuse the conceptual with the wearable, making her collection beautiful, functional and generally unisex. She’s been known for creating fluidity between gender boundaries with her intelligent designs, hoping to focus on craft and art before assigning gender to her pieces. Carrillo’s newest collection is a reflection of Jedi-wear, Japanese costume and a refined cyberpunk, respectively.

Check out some of our favorite looks from the collection before. For more looks be sure to check out the site.


Photo: Kohl Murdock

Models: Chufue | Paulina

Hair | Make Up: Megan McPherson | Michelle Mink

Art Direction |Production: Nicole Sivek

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