Learning: Knowledge acquired by systematic study in any field or scholarly application.

As I set down and sketched the designs for this collection, there was a sense of overwhelming power and reflection on my future coupled with my past. professionally, I have been granted the opportunity to share my talents with the world, obtain as much knowledge as humanly possible and to take pride being a lifetime student. The direction of this capsule release illustrates risks while embracing the freedoms of youth. All of which represents the mentality, environment and the never ending outpour of learning.

Why did you decide to name pieces after the Rugrats? 

I choose to name the pieces after the rugrat characters because it symbolizes happiness and laughter coming up in one of the more colorful and animated ways. Sussie was my girl, I could relate to her character and her skin color.

What was the process and inspiration behind ‘Class Is In Session’?

Class Is In Session represents a lot of things for me as a creative professional. Mostly, it is the best way to show the world that I am a lifetime student! I literally never want to stop learning. I think I have grown as a person based on the knowledge I have been given so it’s only right that my craft and my talent follow suit. As long as I’m living I’m learning. Everyday is essentially a classroom setting, it has everything to do with your perspective.

Looking back on your very first collection, what has changed and what has remained the same?

Looking back on prior collections I would say the skill has improved. My passion has heightened, I have much more to loose now. The things I never want to part from are my stories behind each collection since 2010. I’ve named each item after things, people, ideas since then. This helps with better telling my stories, conceptually.

What or who’s stories are you telling through your pieces? 
With each collection, I’m telling my own stories. I’m illustrating the things I have learned and the people/things that have blessed me throughout my creative journey.


photographer: @_desmoney

makeup: @henrimitchelle 

Models: Haley @haleysh3a and Quari @fathercarl_

hair: @yogoodhair 

Posted by:hellomrkizer

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