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The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

Coming from the brilliant writers of Orange is the New Black and Nurse Jackie, GLOW is set to be Netflix’s newest smash hit. The plot circles around Alison Brie who plays the role of Ruth. Ruth is an actress clawing to find parts for women, which Hollywood has a shortage of. This pursuit leads her and many other women to an audition for a small-time wrestling league, dubbed The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, or GLOW.

The show appears to transport the viewer to a simpler time. The warm feelings broadcasted from trailer are hard to ignore. Nostalgia aside, the subject matter exudes the grittiest kind of glamour.The course of the series followers these women and the owners through the process of becoming wrestling stars. The story encompasses a wide range of injustices and victories. This tale is worth telling due to its prevalent commentary on the treatment and perception of women in society all wrapped up in a sweaty comedy.

The first season is premiering on Friday, June 23rd, and after seeing the trailer, it seems to be worth the watch.

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