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PREMIERE: Souliloquy, The Chicago Collage Album

soliloquy: speaking as if no one else is around.

Jorge Mikell- Chicago native- relapses his debut project:Souliloquy.  

Souliloquy is described as a collage album of the southside of the Chicago. From memories, motivation, to hood monuments to memorials.

What music did you listen to growing up?
I grew up to listening to the radio. Mainly Tom Joyner & Herb kent, so lot of soul, oldies, R&B, and then more hip hop in my preteens & when I started going to my spoken word program after school, alot of def poetry jam.

Was there a moment when you were like, “I wanna be a rapper when I grow up”?

I was 13. Lupe Fiasco came to our program and freestyled in front of me. It really hit me. He was so cool & confidient, just everything I wanted to be. I was so inspired that day, when my dad picked me up, asked me “what did you learn today?” told him, “I wanna be a rapper” he didn’t pay it no mind. But as of recent, when I turned 20. My mom was dropping me off at an school , and on the way I told her I want to pursue music. She said “go ahead… just finish school first.” Still need to finish lol.

What was the process on creating Soliloquy?

It was no clear process to be real. Just curate, write, revise, record, mix, play it for the homies, and see if it fit the theme. honestly I started on this album in 2013 (With the recording of southside) This is my first album and so I’m STILL learning alot about making songs, mixing, and mastering. For me, I just linked with my homie Lee (in 2014), and the past two years and we recorded HELLA songs. I bounced ideas off him and he did the same. Days I came in and write for an hour, he played me beats, to days I came in with song ready & lyrics done. To estimate, we literally have about 30 songs I recorded with him these past two years. not a lot but still recording and makin sure no bar is wasted.

What can you tell us a bit about your new album- what’s the story behind it?

The title came from the definition of a soliloquy: speaking as if no one else is around.

Backstory: My mentor (Brother Mike) passed away in december 2014. That night I got the news, several people sent me this video. I watched it in my homie’s bathroom and drunkenly cried. January 2015, I dropped out of school due to the depression behind it. So during my time away, I had a sudden realization that I got to keep moving. I can’t let moments like this stop me. Mike would’nt want that. So I said fuck it, I’ll work on music and an album. I wanted to make something for him. Something for the city & something for myself. To complete something. So I wanted to talk about my city, my upbringing, small stories, the red line, the southside, after school programs, current events, and spill everything out. Like a collage so to speak.

What inspires you to wake up everyday?

Life & growth. Life is so precious & unexpected. something bad or something good can can change you and help you grow to be a better person.

For those out there unfamiliar with your work, sell your sound in three words…. 

Mild Sauce Raps.

What do you want from/out of life? 

Whatever it wants out of me. For real. When I die, I want to do what mike did. I want to leave something for Chicago. Something that helps shapes lives for the better, a person with hope and drive.

Stream the album here. 

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