The interdisciplinary artist, Namir Fearce is creating a world of his own by creating distinct and impactful moments and pieces of art. When asked “What do you do?” Fearce replied, “I do what I want- And what ever needs to be done!” Find out what the 19 y/o creative is doing. 

What do you do and why?
I create other worlds for me and mine. Black children are at the helm of my creation process. I’m always thinking about what is it that they need; what can I do with this screen, track, canvas, stage to keep wind under their wings. In trying to lay space for them to imagine themselves at range, I free myself. That’s my life’s work.

Who are you? More than your name- who are you as a whole being.

Haha, there is so much history in this body. I believe that our ancestors pop in and out of us all the time, and I’ve always been comfortable with that dance. There are certain ancestors that definitely rest on my shoulders though that speak distinctly. There’s a rambunctious ass little boy in there, bright eyes, and a fire tongue that can bring him treat or trouble. Theres also a mother in me, I actually wear a black madonna chain for her; she loves Rachelle Ferrell ha. Then there’s the old man swinging on his porch, he can be grouchy but he reads down (not a crowd fav, but I dig em lol).

What are you currently working on?

Currently Im working on a few different things, all revolving around the explosion of the black male monolith. “Father Gods” my upcoming photo project specifically is examining the veneration of black male bravado. I also have some looser ‘in the wind’ films floating around in my head dealing with black boys navigating mourning.

Favorite thing to do in your spare time?

In my spare time I enjoy social media when it gets a little rowdy, I EAT, watch Queen
Sugar, and practice my vogue.

Favorite thing you’ve created so far?
Fav thing(s) i’ve created thus far has to be between “Nigga into nebula” , and my
performance piece “Exalt//Exhaust”. Oh and my mixtape!- it’s the most amateur and playful of all the work I’m creating; i’m enjoying the freedom a lot. I know i was suppose to pick one but…. Gemini.

What’s the story for Nigga Into Nebula?

Nigga into Nebula has no strong conventions of narrative. Its an experimental film but I would say I tried to weave a kind of visual mythology with the project. In it I wanted to launch the body from the bottom of the ocean (in reference to middle passage/womb), to land and finally into nebula (space/vastness). Nigga into Nebula i hope will work like a fable, one where black boys together in pleasure exalt/liberate themselves, it’s a victory and journey tale.

How do you want to be remembered?

I want to be remembered as a visionary, as a fierce, devoted and tender lover, protector, and fighter of and for my people. I want black children for centuries to come to know that I was theirs, that all I had did was for them. I want my name to be spoke long after I’ve left and there be no question about where and who I stood, breathed, created, and danced for on this earth.

What’s the most frustrating thing in your life at the moment?

Navigating being an artist in the age of the internet. Dealing with the oversaturation of
my field and seeing just how much space/money is being took up. That is frustrating.

How are you working through it.

I have no choice but to work through. I was born with a heavy head, i have too much to
ask/say to not make work ,ha. When i’m weary to the point of crumbling though i try to remember my ancestors. My good friend, Robert Randolph told me that we continue just as our ancestors did in hopes that there is something greener on the other side. So id say when frustrated I try to keep my eyes on that greener thing.

Are you happy?

I have a difficult time with this question. Id say that I feel happiness or joy regularly, as i feel other things regularly. I am Living, and that makes me …“happy”?

How do you know?

I don’t know a damn thing really outside of the fact that I know I’m here with a heart beat and some rusty lungs; a fact i’m grateful for.

Describe your process on creating your birthday reflection.

Lol I actually have a hella introspective (melodramatic), recluse moment on the dawn of my birthday every year. Last year I took a run at 3 am in a pair of pajama pants (the drama smh), so this year i was prompted to write. I’ve learned/gone through so much this past year, I felt like I owed it to myself to jot down my lessons of surrender. I started writing it at 2:28 AM finished at 4 AM. It was a quick but painful labor as usual for me.

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