Starting at The Abbey Pub in 2003 as a PR intern, I stomped the urban miles, hanging concert posters in whatever indie music store would have them, stamping hands at venues, and answering phones,  and climbed the ranks to the lead publicist for the venue, and spend 10 years with them. Today, I own and operate Cramer PR & Events, and I am the General Manager of Do312. I also continue to host and organize many LGBTQ events around Chicago, as an independent promoter.  Currently in operation is my weekly event at Berlin Nightclub that has been in running for over 8 years. Past events include: Flawless from years 2005-2006 (previously weekly Sundays at IV now EvilOlive), hosting DJ’s such as Sharam Jey, Lady Kier, and Derrick Carter. Later I formed a partnership with the top Chicago lesbian promoter and created Outdanced from years 2006-2008 (previously weekly Tuesdays at Funky Buddha) where artists such as Peaches, Margaret Cho, and Sophia Lamar joined us.

Can you tell me a little about yourself? … Where are you from? (If you’re not from Chicago originally, where did you grow up?

I am from outside of Chicago – a town called Elgin, I lived there till I was about 21, just long enough for all the neighbors I had to sincerely want me to leave because I lived in a 5 bedroom house with 6 of my friends (real world style) and we used to throw events at that looked more like a punk rock show in the garage, and a rave in the basement.

How do you like coffee? (If you drink it)

I love coffee, but gave it up a while back. These days I’m more of a tea person.

What inspires you to get out of bed everyday?

Sometimes that’s difficult, I am not going to lie! Its a mixture between telling myself that I get to go back to bed later that day, or sometimes if I am working on an amazing project or meeting a new person, or traveling to a new place, that’s pretty motivating.

To gain more insight on Scott Cramer and everything he’s up to grab a copy of Issue 002. 


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