The Colored Hospital is a visual tone poem that takes a hard unflinching look at the ways black bodies may be wounded and how they come to suture those wounds. Told through the eyes of a young black man who searches for emotional healing and identity in a country bombarded by violence, hatred and toxic social norms, ‘The Colored Hospital’ is a must see for anyone dealing with emotional trauma in these trying times.

Written and directed by Terrance Daye, a recent graduate of Morehouse College, the film seeks to shed light on mental health and encourage young black men to speak out on depression.

Watch the film here.

Photographed By:

Erica Michelle Lamberson

Jordan E. Cooper, Maya Lawrence, Tasneem Nathari, Ny’zmere Pearson & Ny’zjour Jones

Christmas In July 1982 LLC is a production company founded in the Fall of 2007 by Tuskegee University Alums Artemus Jenkins and KarynRose Bruyning. Christmas in July 1982 is best known for their documentaries COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES and P.O.P. as well as their scripted works, popular web series SMOKE AND MIRRORS and short film PERCEPTION.”

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