Black bOys



Boys In Kani








Black boys are multifaceted, intersectional, multi-hued, beings that regardless of social class, aesthetic, politcal affiliation etc. are bonded for life through their shared experience: being black in America. So often black men are told how to behave, how to dress, how to appease, how to police their blackness to fit into palatable narratives. THERE IS NO, ONE SIZE FITS ALL BLACK NARRATIVE! Black boys can walk balls and collect their 10’s, black boys can be quirky and anime bluffs, black boys can be social media activist, black boys can wield a racket and win the U.S. Open……black boys can do, be and look however they so choose.

Black boy in Kani

Visuals by, Felton Kizer
Words by, Shelton Boyd
Model, Nasir X
Posted by:hellomrkizer

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