Hairstylist, Mo G, and photographer, Shahr, together are powerful. They have a keen ability to understand each others artistic visions. They present “My Sister’s Keeper.”

The initial intent of MSK was to showcase instillation artist, Viktor Le’s transformative work that is housed at Rootwork Gallery.  Mo G, the creative mind behind the shoot’s concept, aimed for the shoot to be a visual representation of feminine energy supporting one another and setting strong examples.

“I feel it’s so important for women to stick together and support each other while being an example for the youth,” Mo G says. “Children only do what they see. It’s so important to be conscious of the example you are to children. Yours or not.”

My Sister’s Keeper


Photography: Shahr @Soltanshahr
Hair/Concept: Mo G @gotothemo
MUA: Janelle @janelle_leah 
Styling: Lamont @t.lamontw
Set Design: Viktor Le
Models: Clark & Charlotte Tynece @_tyneceallen & Janelle @janelle_leah





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