Filmmaker and fine art photographer Ricardo Bouyett presents “Oh, Bouy,” a two volume fine art project. Vol 1 is a digital and print book filled with a fine art photo series coupled with original spoken-word poetry. All of which was directed towards dissecting his experiences with being raped, discrimination, and instances of domestic abuse within his romantic relationships. This volume served as an investigation and exploration of the rhetoric of manhood in contemporary American society. As a queer Puerto Rican traversing the American social landscape, Bouyett has struggled to find stable ground when it comes to issues of gender, sexuality, and spirituality. Through a fashion, nude, and self-portrait series, Volume 1 tells the narrative about his recovery from being raped and finding the strength to rebuild his  relationship with his body and spirit. Vol 1 is Bouyett’s  anger in print form, whereas Vol 2 is my forgiveness in motion.
The second half of the “Oh, Bouy” project is a film that focuses on the latter end of Bouyett’s road to recovery: forgiving himself and forgiving his abusers. Volume 2 is currently undergoing the final stages of post-production and is set to drop sometime in late September or early October.
 Volume 1
Check out more Ricardo’s photography and film  work via Instagram.
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