Ric Wilson

Ric Wilson’s Soul Bounce is a groovy conundrum of sorts ringing with 70’s inspired bass lines and a hint of Chicago soul. Wilson is 21 years old and proclaims himself to be a Black Artist. Soul Bounce released on August 30th and it is the perfect formula for brewing up feel good vibes.




Ravyn Lenae

Chicago’s 17-year -old songbird, Ravyn Lenae, released her ep, Moon Shoes, in August. The ep is made with pure magic, and the singers cool voice will leave all the hairs on your arms upright. Lenae’s lyrics are visual masterpieces, vivid and ready to capture you. Intertwined with her airy and warm vocal delivery, we’re sure she will soon be one of your favorite artists.




Siblings Clyde and Lauren Lawrence are a soul-pop duo from New York. Their music represents their influences: Stevie Wonder, Janis Joplin, and even eggo waffles- and is still a sonic creation all their own. Their album, Breakfast, goes against the traditional expectations of mainstream pop and is more a creation of what pop should sound like to the duo. They drew inspiration from greats like Amy Winehouse and Etta James to produce their new wave version of soul-pop music.



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