by Jesse Wiles & Sal the editor.

#OnConstantRotation Vol 3 features storytelling hits from Saba Pivot and Jon Waltz, a clever and cinematic visual from Kami, and a perfectly blended mix by Just.One. These underground artists are making music for purpose, not just for arts sake. Experimenting with sounds and chilling flows, these artists refuse to lend themselves to one genre or marginalize their expression. Take a seat, listen up, and get to know why these artists are on constant rotation.


Jon Waltz – “Riot”

Jon Waltz is back. Since the release of his standout EP Alyss in 2014 the Memphis singer/ rapper has released a small handful of singles. His latest effort comes in the form of RIOT. The song is full of the same distant, lonely sound we’re used to hearing from Waltz on songs like “Bang” and “College Girl.”  He’s also added a new upbeat, more adventurous singing voice to his arsenal that leaves listeners aching for more from the talented youngster.


Saba Pivot ft Noname – “Church/Liquor Store”

Saba and Noname have an inescapable chemistry when they get together on a track and “Church/ Liquor Store” is no exception. Saba delivers a few mellow verses about the day-to-day in Chicago. He raps, “It look like funeral home, church church, liquor store, corner store, dread head deadly, ditto 10-4, ten foes from Cicero to Central,” illustrating the make-up of Chicago’s southwest side. Towards the second half of the song Noname chimes in without mincing words, “They kept the melting pot inside the slave plot, watch. They gentrified your neighborhood, no need for cops, watch.” The Ethereal production comes from Las Vegas’ Cam O’bi.


Kami – “Home Movies”

“Home Movie’s” sound lies somewhere in between bedroom pop and Soundcloud rap. The sappy synths and slightly filtered voice of Kami create a unique sense of harmony that has been achieved by artists such as Kevin Abstract and Allan Kingdom most recently. Expect Kami to heat up the upcoming winter months. The track was produced by Chicago’s Knox Fortune who has been untouchable on the boards as of late, supplying ears in the Midwest with an A1 assortment of sounds.


Just. One – “Love on Sundays”

Our guest dj for October is a master curator and mixer. Djing is a special art that only a few can truly master, Just. One has the skill. Check out “Love on Sundays,” a romantic mix with a perfect groove.

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