by Jesse Wiles

Toro y Moi and The Mattson 2- “Star Stuff”

Toro y Moi, aka Chaz Bundwick, aka Les Sins is back. The multi-talented producer and instrumentalist has brought the world a plethora of sounds in the past two years. From dance music to hip-hop he’s done it all. His newest project is due out later this year. Titled Chaz Bundwick Meets the Mattson 2, it will be a collaborative album with the jazz-rock duo The Mattson 2. They worked on his Live From Trona album earlier this year and have beautiful chemistry. “Star Stuff” triggers memories from the days when life was easier, running around barefoot, looking at the stars. It’s a nostalgic song that stays true to its makers jazz-rock roots. The vocals echo around the track flirting with sadness while a complex drum beat and guitar give the song a wonderful airiness.

Ta’East- “Light The Way”

Last Septmeber, Ta’East dropped a highly aggressive track titled “WithTheShit,” produced by Cairo Mayeson. Fast forward a year and some change and Ta’East is back with Cairo Mayeson with another menacing song that demands attention. “Light The Way” boasts a rattling bassline and venomous snare. Ta’East raps over the beat with ease, skirting effortlessly from hook to verse in a trancelike fashion. Look for Ta’East to continue to push quality music as the year comes to a close.

KingJet- “Necklace”s

“I spent money on my necklace, I forgot about my fucking wrist.” What a conundrum. If you’ve got ice on your neck it should match your wrist. KingJet might not have too extensive of a musical catalogue (his Soundcloud boasts two songs) but his upbeat delivery over a winding and bubbly beat on “Necklace” is infectious. His voice and melodies are almost saccharine, but much like Lil Yachty, it’s obvious that he’s enjoying himself. KingJet is bringing a lighthearted, pop, rap flavor to the table and it’s delicious.


Skepta and Section Boyz- “#Worst”

The South London based rap group Section Boyz and Tottenham’s Skepta are keeping it locked down on the other side of the pond. Despite it being on the slower side in terms of BPMs, a driving bass line and hollow synth rapidly dictate the movement of this song. Skepta takes down the first verse with ease and lets the Section Boyz do the rest. “Worst” is a classic grime banger.


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