by Jesse Wiles

Yellow Days- “Gap in The Clouds”

Yellow Days is a 17-year-old British singer/ producer who just dropped an EP titled Harmless Melodies. Despite his age, Yellow Days has a very mature sounding voice and his production skills are sharp and refined. The upbeat and ambient stand out from his EP is called “Gap in The Clouds.” The romantic song finds Yellow Days crooning about love and a gap in the clouds that the sun pours through, covering everything in its warmth. Don’t sleep on this kid.

Leks Rivers- “No Rest For The Wicked”

Leks Rivers is another UK artist who caught my attention a few years back with an impressive slew of singles, most notably a track titled “Cherry.” Rivers has been improving steadily since 2014 and has come into an impressive sound of his own. He has a sultry sounding voice that has the power to hit screeching high notes and gravely lows. On “No Rest For The Wicked” it sounds like the sharpening of a pitchfork and readying for a revolution. The cinematic, bass driven production offers itself up for Rivers to meander throughout the soundscape with explosive conviction. Give “No Rest For The Wicked” a listen below.

Steve Lacy- “Some”

Steve Lacy, member of the band The Internet, has been on a roll ever since the 18-year-old produced the Grammy award winning album Ego Death. His latest effort “Some” continues his winning streak. Lacy gracefully navigates the very groovy production timidly singing about what he can offer to his lover. The song is naïve and innocent which is a testament to Lacy’s ability to create professional grade sounds that have a relaxed feel.

Childish Gambino- “Red Bone”

I wasn’t expecting another Childish Gambino song, let alone an entire album. The Stone Mountain native has dipped his feet in acting, producing, rapping, singing and writing and he’s proved to us that he’s pretty damn good at everything. Much of Gambino’s early music was rooted in hip-hop and rap and a lot of it centered around his lack of identity. On his debut album Because The Internet (2013) it appeared as though Gambino had found his niche. The experimental album was one of the best of the year. However, with the announcement of Awaken, My Love and hearing the first few singles it’s obvious that Gambino is still growing. “Red Bone” the second single from the album is a beautiful 5-and-a-half-minute ballad that reaches into multiple genres to give listeners a sonic adventure that, according to Annie Mac is “oozing with soul.”

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