Time is a really strange concept. It exists, to some extent – but to some extent, it doesn’t. Time is always moving, always changing, always new. So, if time keeps passing, keeps transforming… why aren’t the people who are involved in this time changing too? 

This question is one many find themselves asking. Why is society so stagnant in changing to conform to the times? Why is it so hard for so many to naturally transform, naturally grow and change – why does the majority want to be stuck in time? In the past? For one person in particular, time is something that needs to keep changing, keep growing – so she, too, can grow and share her art in an nonjudgmental, non-conforming world. 

Ariel Perkins-Fenwick is an artist and a creator of many things. She sees the world in a different sort of way – through the eyes of a camera lens. Except, the camera is her brain, and her eyes are the lenses. Literally. 

“Walking through my waking life is as if I’ve created a film by looking out of my own eyes,” said Perkins-Fenwick. “In terms of cinema, [my eyes] are camera lenses.” 

Perkins-Fenwick is a both a filmmaker and a photographer. She discovered her knack for cinematography after channeling the camera in her brain into producing real, tangible images. After diving into photography, she learned how to translate what she sees in her head onto paper, and later progressed into making film. 

Her latest project is a film series about the narratives of times past and present, told through the oppressed, according to Perkins-Fenwick. The first short film, Signifying, speaks of how her upbringing in a conservative-type family led her to feeling unspoken and unheard. She said because of this, her family never had the chance to discover different things about each other. 

Following in Signifying’s footsteps comes Structure, the second short film in the series. Structure takes the lessons learned in Signifying and transmutes them into Perkins-Fenwick’s present day ideals. 

Structure is about me learning from my family’s tradition in order to speak up and speak out, in order to enact my own freedom,” she said. 

The ability to voice her own experience through her chosen form of art means a great deal to Perkins-Fenwick. She reveals that because of her creations, she has grown and the experience in itself has left her feeling both stronger and smarter.

“Every time I think I’ve gotten a hold of who I am, I encounter more layers,” said Perkins-Fenwick. “Being able to voice my experience has made me realize what my true purpose in life is. It doesn’t make any sense that we are to suffer throughout life, to then only die. I want to find out why we suffer.”

Perkins-Fenwick plans on using both her art and her mind to guide her on the path to figuring out the purpose of life. She wants to help everyone – even those who induce the suffering we feel – but doesn’t quite now how yet. That’s where her art comes in. Every photograph, every video, every idea… they all lead her to finding her truth, and in turn, helping save the world.


Posted by:Off-Kilter.

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