Fueled off the concept of difference, Off-Kilter magazine is a print publication for creatives to express their individual truths. Designed to be an open space for all bodies, Off-Kilter was established in May 2014 and has told the stories of some of the nation’s most dope creatives. Produced out of Chicago, Off-Kilter was created by the astound photographer, Felton Kizer, who has had his work featured in national publications such as Teen Vogue and Allure.

After being noticed by a variety of activists, political leaders, and creatives in Chicago, among being recognized by Blavity, Off-Kilter has successfully produced two successful issues. Now, as we approach our third project, we are ready to put a twist on things.

Issue 003 will pay homage to womyn creatives and allow them to tell their stories in a magnitude unlike any other-it also will be led by two womyn creatives.

The “Womyn Like Us” campaign is our way of getting our audience involved. Our hope is that you will not only support this upcoming issue but that it also will resonate with you and encourage you to tell your own stories. By supporting this cause, you will assist with the production and FREE distribution of the magazine to over 2,500 CPS Students.

We appreciate donations of any kind. 



we are artists, designers, and seekers of individual truth. 

Follow the journey @offkiltermag #WomynLikeUs